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Up-and-coming Sydney-based pop trio NOIRE caught our attention with their debut single, Pilgrims (reviewed here). Jump Into Limbo was interested to find out what’s kickin’ down under, and here’s what we found out from our interview with NOIRE members Jess, Chris and Billy. 


Jump Into Limbo (JIL): What is NOIRE all about? Who are you, where do you come from and what makes you unique?

Jess: We’re a three piece pop band from Sydney.
Chris: To me, NOIRE is fun and a dream of inheritance.
Billy: Love, good times. We are all from a small town in Queensland are focused on making the best pop music we can.

JIL: What inspired you all to come together and form a band?

Jess: We really wanted to make music that felt right for us first and foremost but could also appeal to a larger audience. It’s such a brilliant process to be able to make a song that can encapsulate a specific moment or emotion. I’d say this is the main reason I’m inspired to be in a band.
Chris: I have always been inspired by my brother Billy, on and off we have played in different bands. Playing music with Billy was always going to happen, possibly through convenience more than anything.
Billy: Chris and I are brothers and have played music together since I can remember. Jess is from the same town as us; we started writing together and formed a strong friendship.


JIL: We would probably describe your music as “ethereal, dark pop”. But all we’ve heard is Pilgrims. Are there any other songs that would give us an idea of what we can come to expect from NOIRE? 

Chris: You can expect great things.
Billy: They’re not all sad songs.
Jess: I like the word ethereal, thank you! 

You can hear a teaser for our second single here: We wanted to create something that sounded majestic which is why there are harpsichords and mixed into the chorus is a kind of operatic vocal, it’s a moving on song which hopefully brings out more hopeful emotions but definitely still has dark undertones.

JIL: Releasing Pilgrims is the first step to world domination – but first, will we see a music video for this song? What kind of imagery would you have with the song? 

Chris: There will be a film clip.
Billy: Yes!
Jess: Initially we weren’t but the feedback has been really nice so we’re planning to now. When I was thinking about writing lyrics for this song I came across a picture photographer Petra Collins shot at Salvation Mountain, a huge art installation covering a hill in the Colorado Desert. I think that would be a good basis for building the aesthetic of the clip on. 


Photo credit: RookieMag

JIL: Who writes the songs or do you do it together? Where do you draw inspiration from?  

Jess: At the moment, it’s all about the song and what’s best for it. It’s important for all of us to have the autonomy to work on our individual parts to make it the best that it can be. We have a live drummer but Billy usually writes the drums electronically first, before they’re recorded in a studio. 
Chris: Every song is different, it all depends on what the song needs.
Billy: It depends on the song; everyone is a different process. Jess will write a song, sometime a song will come from a beat idea, or a bass riff and Jess will put lyrics to it afterwards.

JIL: What is the local music scene in Sydney or Australia like? Would you consider NOIRE’s sound to be a part of it or distinctly separate?

Jess: The Sydney music scene is really fucking good. There’s The Preatures who are fantastic; they know how to write a pop song. Jagwar Ma have some beautiful sounds. I’m excited about this all girl band called She Rex at the moment too - their live show is really great. When we first moved to Sydney, most of the gigs we were going to had bands playing 1920’s Blues. We’d go to people’s houses or hangout out with friends and everyone was playing the blues. I missed out on my Blues education so it was nice learning and finding artists like Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf and Son House. The scene is diverse, so I’d say we’re part of that diversity.
Chris: The music scene in Sydney is great; I see such a range of music on the Northern Beaches and in the city. I do think our sound is distinctly different from anything anyone is playing right now.
Billy: Local music in Sydney and Australia is very diverse and there is a lot happening but I don’t think we are typical of the general scene. 

Thanks to NOIRE for speaking to Jump Into Limbo! Remember, you can follow NOIRE on Facebook and Soundcloud. Read what we wrote about Pilgrims here.